Their Doubt Fuels My Fire

There's nothing more annoying than being looked down on...

even if it's not wholly intentional...

Phrases like, "it's nice to have dreams..." 

or "are you sure that's a good idea?" come to mind. 

Maybe it's because I'm a woman. 

Emotional, reckless, lazy. 

What value and drive could I have? I mean, seriously?


I've never been so disappointed... truly, what a mindset- that women are incapable. 

When we've birthed life... 

...raised generations. 

We've protested, invented, worked ourselves to the bone...

We've cried for justice and demanded change. 

Women are leaders in this world... 

And I can be one too!

So, I won't let anyone's doubt settle into my brain...

...I'll use it to fuel my desire instead. 

Haters will hate, but they will do so without ambition for themselves.

How they look at others, especially someone close...

Says more about themselves than the person they doubt.

Because hate stems from envy...

and green is such an ugly color, until it pays the bills.   


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