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Why I Write, by Andrea Geones

  Originally published on Words Between Coasts. Why I Write by Andrea Geones I set my fingers on the keyboard, the familiar keyboard with the little bumps on the F and J, my muscle memory automatically curling my fingers over the keys, poised in the usual position, and my fingers twitch as my mind struggles, drawing a blank. Why do I write? I thought this would be an easy question, but it’s one of those things that is so clear in my mind, but so difficult to put to paper. So, I ask myself again… Why do I write? I guess I write for that very reason. I write to get my ideas onto a piece of paper in a cohesive, organized way. To describe in admittedly self-gratifying imagery the world I have built. To see what my characters see, touch what my characters touch, smell what my characters smell, taste what my characters taste, hear what my characters hear. I write to inform others on a subject, and to inform myself on the same subject. To get a better understanding of something, and hope tha

It's Okay to Hate Valentines

   It hasn't been until recently that Valentine's Day had any special value to me. As a young girl, sure it was glorified, but as I aged into young adulthood the holiday and the gleam around it started to diminish.       It's been two years to be exact, so maybe perhaps not that recent, but Valentine's Day was the day my fiance proposed to me. It was then that Valentine's had a spark.      It started with a poem, and then a reply letter to that poem. In the first few months of dating, he wrote to me what he titled " A Reason Why:"    A Reason Why: You're the one with glasses,  yet it's me who can't see. See the reason,  a reason,  any reason why you chose me.  I am corny, I am nerdy,  I hardly make sense; yet you see something in me that does not exist. No, I am not cute,  No, I am not smart,  I may be funny sometimes,  but that's not enough for your heart. So I have devised a plan,  devious as it may be; to give you a reason,  any reason, 

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