Monday's Are For Not Giving A F***


It's called the Feedback Loop From Hell...

As Manson, author of the acclaimed self-help book The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck dubs it,

"[It's] an insidious quirk to your brain that, if you let it, can drive you absolutely batty."

You're anxious around people, you wonder why, and then become anxious about being anxious. You're angry at how easily you anger, making you even more so.  You feel guilty for any mistake you make and are then driven to feel even more guilty because you feel guilty for feeling guilty. 

Those are just a few of the examples Manson provided, and if you're like me, just reading that makes your head spin. 

The Feedback Loop From Hell makes a lot of sense now...

His advice? Don't give a F***

"By not giving a fuck that you feel bad, you short-circuit the Feedback Loop From Hell; you say to yourself, "I feel like shit, but who gives a fuck?'"

And then you stop hating yourself.

It's logic like this that I incorporate into my own business...

FIB, because "Feeling Is Being," 

We are constantly trying to hide our rotten emotions: anger, confusion, jealousy, depression. Yet, allowing ourselves to feel those things gives way to freedom of the heart and mind...

Like not giving a fuck, it's letting go. 

I just happen to let go on canvas.


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