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Did you know that 93% of homes have a junk drawer? I too am part of this statistic, but rather than a drawer, I put my junk in buckets. 

Why a bucket? 

Really, the better, often overused question is, why not

They're readily available (after finishing off the kids' cheese puffs), closeable, and can be packed away out of site under my kitchen cabinets. I mention this because...

I want you to think of this site as a junk bucket.

It's more or less filled with belongings of similar uses, but don't be surprised if there's something completely off-the-wall unrelated. A sort of ensuing chaos, but not the bad kind.

The kind that keeps you entertained, thoughtful, aware...

Words to provide direction, words to provide insight, consciousness, thoughtfulness, empathy, sincerity...

Words to remind us of our human capabilities, ingenuities, and perspectives.

At The Bucket Digest... 

we speak of art and writing, our lives, and the lives of others in the hopes of creating a close-knit community based on mutual understanding, curiosity, and desire for self-improvement.

We are capable of so many things. There may be disheveled execution into the process of understanding, accepting, and whole-heartedly believing this fact, but it's well worth the effort. 


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