A Two Letter Word Scared Me to Death

You wouldn’t think “hi” would startle me so bad I’d start running, but that’s what happened this morning while walking around the track at the local park.

I was going a few laps with a friend, discussing, ironically enough, about how much I love scary movies when a man’s voice hit my right eardrum, shocking me out of speed-walk complacency, in which case my body reacted before my mind could-- and I bolted to the left before turning towards the voice and realizing what had actually happened. 

There was a man, but not a scary one, and I apologized profusely because it was not him that was scary but the “premise” of his voice that I was not expecting. 

We exchanged laughs and parted ways, my face hot with embarrassment.

and I realized...

...that’s what happens when you stare down at your feet instead of staring straight ahead. 

You get the shit scared out of you. 

So, my advice– wear good sunglasses. 


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