Continuing How Not to Give A F***

Looking to continue reading this book...I could really use the inspiration right about now. 

Not that life is particularly unfair right now, but the new year hasn't started off that great...

I was let go from my job and suddenly very aware how wrong it was to cling to it (as though they'd never let me go if I worked hard.)

So currently, I'm on the search for new clients, with a company I can trust to do right by me. 

There are a couple potentials that I'm really eager about, and I'm hopeful for what the future will bring.

A future of changes.

On that note, here's a question for my readers, what book has changed your life? For the better or for the worse? 

I think it's interesting to hear stories behind our favorite books, or least favorite. 

I have quite the collection, but there's nothing more satisfying than grabbing a few more books and adding them to my shelves...

...and nothing more interesting than picking up book recommendations, as it's like an inside look at the person who suggested it. 

It's fun. 

Well, that's all I have for today, 

I hope your night is wonderful and your morning is bright.

Until next time!




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