How Linda Belcher Gave Me the Confidence to Leave the "day-job" I Had Just Started.

Season 3 Episode 14

Linda starts a job at the local grocery, and within a week she's hired full-time as a shift lead. 

On her first day without the manager...

...she's taken advantage of, and everyone ends up with the day off...but her. 

Safe to say it all went to he** from there. 

She quits, no notice, and returns to the restaurant to be with her beloved husband and children. 

I don't know why, but this episode spoke to me. 

Here I was, working my "day" job (which is actually a midnight, but ya know) wondering why I can't just quit when things would be better for myself if I did. 

But I pride myself on several things when it comes to a job:

- Timeliness

- Effort 

- Committment 

And this being a job I just started, it didn't sit well with me to leave when it hasn't even been a month. 

And I admit, there is still a guilty feeling. 

I have a nice boss, nice fellow employees... overall easy job requirements. 

But I'm suffering. 

The exhaustion I feel after a shift leaves my brain foggy and my body aching. 

I'm young, but ever since having kids, my energy isn't where it used to be. 

But that's not the main reason I decided to put in my notice. 

I finally found a remote job that pays well (my actual career) and I don't want my work to suffer because of my tiredness. 

SO, with Linda Belcher as inspiration, I decided to leave midnights. 

And prioritize another commitment...

To see where it takes me (because I know I can grow here 💯)

Although, I'm still trying not to feel bad...

 #career #work #inspiration #bobsburgers #lettinggo 


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